New EP: Dithered Horizon

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Bungaloo Fortress – studies in suburbian living

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1. intro (my home, my castle)

2. how do i feel today

3. the fortress

4. the joy of gardening

5. defending the bedroom with you (is so goddam sexy)

6. basement party

7. green-eyed-monster

8. the bungaloo at night

9. reprise

I am the Concrete Island

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He spoke aloud, a priest officiating at the eucharist of his own body.

“ I am the island“

The air shed its light.

– J.G. Ballard „Concrete Island“

Mersher II – Yachtclub

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Bungalow Fortress

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How do i feel today?

Dance of the housewifes

Basement Party

8-bit Discothek

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Mershers Büro

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